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If you can fully enjoy the charm of Dojo, it will be a hot pot. It is also good to add Shichimi and yam chopsticks from Asakusa and Genbori.


Dozeu grilled: 2,100 yen
Eel grilled: from 4,000 yen
Eel grilled plane: from 4,000 yen
Grilled catfish: Market price


Dozeu rice bowl: 2,300 yen / Maiko rice bowl: 2,300 yen
Eel rice bowl:Weight: 4,500 yen / extra weight: 5,200 yen
Eel and egg rice bowl: 2,500 yen / Oyakodon: 950 yen
Egg rice bowl: 800 yen

Eel Chazuke: 1,900 yen / Nori Chazuke: 670 yen

Rice: 230 yen / pickles: 650 yen / Burdock: 360 yen
Tofu: 360 yen / Egg: 220 yen


Use Edo sweet potato. It is a rich taste, but its aftertaste is clear. The bitter taste of the whole taste is the accent of the taste.

Dozeu soup: 400 yen
Honenuki soup: 550 yen
Nameko soup: 500 yen
Egg soup: 500 yen
Tofu soup: 450 yen
Kimo soup: 600 yen

Eel and grated yam: 1,300 yen

Dozeu pickled in Nanban: 900 yen

Deep-fried dozeu: 1,100 yen

Nuta: 950 yen
"Nuta" uses a secret miso that is only transmitted to the mistress
Wakame seaweed, Udo, and Jellyfish are added to this tuna that has been enmeshed in the secret miso. Taste that invites a rather thick liquor or rice.

Pickled cucumber and eel: 1,300 yen

Cha-Mushi: 800 yen

Yamakake: 1,200 yen

Tsukimi: 700 yen

Egg omelet: 1,000 yen

Oyako yaki: 1,200 yen

Itawasa: 760 yen

Soramame: 670 yen


【Izuido Ichinoya's Idiocy Link】
Skytree's 1st anniversary drive rack below freezing point: 800 yen
Hakushu Mori Kaoru highball: 700 yen
Tarushu Kikumasune true dry ・ this brewery
Asakusa plum Komachi: 950 yen
~ ~ Sake of Fukushima ~ river of spring pure rice sake: 1200 yen

Beer: 850 yen
Draft beer: 670 yen
Ebisu beer: 920 yen

Sake Gekkeikan: 640 yen
Barrel sake Kikumasamune: 870 yen
Raw sake Gekkeikan: 970 yen
Ginjo Tateyama: 1130 yen
Junmai Yoshidagura: 1020 yen

【Other sake】
Barley shochu first bill: 3170 yen
Cold liquor: 800 yen
Juice: 330 yen

※ All prices are including tax.